Homegrown Festival 2019 is from Friday 7th June & Saturday 8th June.

Homegrown takes place on the grounds of Suffolk Academy in Barrow, Bury St. Edmunds. There will be directional signs place nearby to help you find your way.

Suffolk Academy
Church Road
Church Farm
Bury St. Edmunds
IP29 5AX

Friday Hours:
Campsite open from 2pm
Bar open from 4pm – 1am
Music is low key and casual from around 5pm – 11pm

Saturday Hours:
Campsite open from 8am
Festival open from 10am – 1am
Music runs from 10am – 11pm


Camping at Homegrown

Campers are welcome to arrive and set up from 2pm until 8pm on Friday 7th June. The bar will be open from 4pm – 1am with some low-key music. All campers must vacate the site no later than 12pm on Sunday 9th June . If you need to arrive later or earlier on the Friday please request via info@homegrownfest.co.uk or Tel: 01284 810446 in advance.

The campsite will be fenced off and the entrance manned by security or stewards, but please be aware you are still camping at your own risk and we are not liable for injury, damage or loss of property, etc.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by someone 18+ years old.

Campers may only bring tents that are one berth bigger than the number of occupants, allowing room for some storage.

No live fires permitted except official Homegrown campfire and no cooking next to tents. There will be a designated BBQ area adjacent to the campsite.
You will receive a wristband which you must keep on you at all times – all wristbands will be checked on entering / leaving the campsite and at the entrances / exits to the festival site.

Even though you can leave and return to the camp site as you wish, please note that alcohol can only be brought in on your first entry to the campsite.
The car park is located very near to the campsite. No traffic is allowed on the campsite.

Well behaved dogs are permitted but must be on a lead at all times both in the campsite and the festival site.


Where can I buy my tickets?

Tickets will be available at the festival Box Office as listed above, and online. Online sales remain open through the festival as well. Paper tickets will be available at several promotional events prior to the festival

Will I get sent a paper ticket?

No, you will be sent an e-ticket from our ticket provider . On arrival you will need to produce your e-ticket (via your payment receipt) at the box office to exchange for your wristband and entry to the festival. Ensure that your printed proof of purchase includes the name of the person who booked the tickets. All receipts will be cross referenced by name or scanned where bar cards are available. All ticket holders should arrive together where possible to avoid any delays on entry.

Will I get a wristband?

Yes, on entry to the festival you will be issued with a securely fastened wristband. You must not remove this during the festival. Camping and weekend tickets cannot be split by sharing a wristband.

Do children have to pay?

Yes, but under 5s are free. The ticket price for children is low, and many of our activities on site are now free for children.

Is there car parking?

Yes, this is FREE IN 2018 The car park is reserved for cars only – no camper vans etc. Cars and their contents are parked entirely at the owners own risk.

Is there parking for Disabled Badge Holders?

Yes, space is limited so it is best to book this in advance. The disabled spaces are adjacent to the main festival site.

Is there a Drop Off and Pick Up Zone?

Yes, this will be in the main car park. Please note and adhere to the system in operation.

Is there an age limit at Homegrown?

No, you are welcome at Homegrown no matter how old, or young, you are! Each paying adult can accompany no more than 4 children under the age of 15.

Will I need ID for age verification?

You may be asked to provide proof of age either in the campsite or at the bars. Our bar staff follow the Challenge 25 rule. Legal drinking age restrictions apply, ie. 18+

What facilities are there?

Permanent, clean, and volunteer manned toilets, a fully stocked bar that includes local ales and Aspall cyders, plenty of food choices that include vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free options, children and adult activities, a craft area, first aid, a toddler zone, and a variety of vendors. Showers and a separate toilet area are available for our campers.

Can I leave the Homegrown site and return?

Yes, if you are wearing your wristband or we may stamp your hand.

Can I take pictures at the festival?

Yes, but professional/SLR cameras over 6 Mega Pixel are not allowed unless you have prior agreement from the organisers.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

We have not previously allowed dogs on site but we are reviewing this. If this is important to you please tell us.

Can I bring chairs, umbrellas and gazebos to the site?

Strictly no gazebos in the main area or the campsite but chairs and umbrellas are permitted if used in a considerate manner. Please be aware you may be asked to move or remove them if causing an obstruction within the site or if the site becomes full.

What do I need to remember to bring to the festival?
  • Your proof of ticket purchase
  • Proof of ID (not your passport!)
  • Cash and a debit card (just in case)
  • See the camping FAQ for details of what to bring if you’re camping.
What should I NOT bring to the festival?
  • Gazebos
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Glass or cans
  • Pets
  • Laser Pens
  • Food
  • High resolution cameras
  • Video equipment
Is there a family camping area?

Yes, this will be on a first arrive basis and you will directed to it on arrival. To camp here you must be a family with children under 18yrs. This will be a zero tolerance area and anyone found to be causing a nuisance to their neighbours will be removed from the area immediately.

What facilities are there at the festival?

Toilets, showers, water stations, organised camp fire, small camp shop on the festival site, phone charging (small fee)

Can I camp for one or two nights?

Yes, of course, but you will need a full camping ticket there are no reductions.

Can I bring alcohol onto the campsite?

Yes, you may bring alcohol into the campsite only, and only when you first arrive. This must be a reasonable amount which you can carry by hand. You must be 18 yrs or older to bring alcohol onto the site and ID will be checked on arrival and alcohol taken from you if you are under age. No glass allowed. No reselling. Alcohol can only be brought in on your first entry to the campsite, upon arrival only.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Campers can bring food and drink into the campsite only. No food or drink is permitted into the main festival site.

Can I bring a BBQ into the campsite?

Stoves and disposable BBQs only are permitted and must be used outside of tents for safety reasons and with reasonable consideration to your neighbours. No open fires.

Can I park by my tent?

No, no cars will be permitted into the campsite. There is a drop off zone adjacent to the campsite where you can unload. It will be clearly signposted.

Can I bring my Campervan/Caravan/Trailer Tent?

Yep! You must buy the separate £40 caravan ticket as a pitch fee, in addition to your normal camping and festival tickets.